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Locations: Sylvestre Sporting Goods

Sylvestre Sporting Goods has everything you need to make your next hunting trip successful. We carry the supplies you need and have experts on hand to answer your questions and help you devise strategies for making your trip successful. Whether it’s ammunition and bows, decoys and blinds, or game calls and scents, we have it. Let us help you score the big trophy.


  • Waterfowl Hunting thumbnail

    Waterfowl Hunting

    Duck, geese, and other waterfowl hunters will find a wide assortment of gear for hunting various birds at Sylvestre Sporting Goods. We carry an assortment of blinds, decoys, calls, and other accessories.

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  • Big Game thumbnail

    Big Game

    Whatever you’re hunting—deer, elk, moose—we can have the firearms for your next big hunt. We carry a variety of caliber rifles and shotguns. Want to know the best firearm for the game you’re hunting? Ask our knowledgeable staff.

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  • Small Game & Predator Hunting thumbnail

    Small Game & Predator Hunting

    For smaller game and predators, Sylvestre Sporting Goods carries smaller caliber firearms. Whether you’re after squirrels or coyote, we have the gun you’ll need to make the shot.

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