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Outdoor Sports

They don’t just say “The Good Outdoors”…it’s called “The Great Outdoors” for a reason. At Sylvestre Sporting Goods we appreciate and support every outdoor activity imaginable. Golf, cycling, and the array of Snow and Water Sports. See our sub-departments to really check out your niche sporting goods. 


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    Sylvestre Sporting Goods knows golf.  We carry all the necessities to help your golf game. Looking for new clubs with a comfortable grip? Maybe you need to stock up on golf balls for your next swing session. No matter the case, we have you covered.

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  • Winter Sports thumbnail MONT-TREMBLANT, QUEBEC, CANADA -FEBRUARY 9: Skiers and snowboarders are sliding down an easy slope at Mont-Tremblant Ski Resort on February 9, 2014. It is the best ski resort in Eastern North America.

    Winter Sports

    Sylvestre Sporting Goods carries top-of-the line gear for winter sports of all kinds, from downhill skiing and snowboarding, cross-country skiing, and sledding to ice skating and snowshoeing, we have what you need to enjoy the wintery outdoors.

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    Water Sports

    Hit the water with our selection of skis, inflatables, rafts, paddleboards, and other watercraft! We have recreational equipment for a variety of water sports, and the life-safety devices to go with your sport!

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    Cycling Gear

    Cyclists of any ability and interest level can find the bike gear they need at Sylvestre Sporting Goods. From racing bikes to downhill mountain bikes to just-around-town casual use bikes, we have it all. Need to add panniers, lights, or other accessories? We carry a variety of add-on items so you can enjoy your bike the way you want. Additionally, Sylvestre Sporting Goods provides bike tuning services, including tire changes, brake checks, cleaning, and lubrication. Have questions? Ask any of our helpful associates.

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