At Sylvestre Sporting Goods, we offer a range of professional services to meet all of your sporting needs in Bonnyville, Alberta. Our expert team always provides advice, recommendations, and first-rate services to help you get the most out of your sporting equipment



Firearm maintenance is key to ensuring your gun operates accurately and safely. Our professional gunsmiths are equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide general maintenance, reassembly, repair, and diagnostics for your firearm. In addition, we undertake safety checks to identify potential issues, provide repairs, or recommend specialized gunsmiths for specific firearm brands and types. We can also carry out general warranty services for certain firearm brands.

At Sylvestre Sporting Goods, we offer custom in-store gun work for a tailored approach to firearm maintenance.

Gun Cleaning

At Sylvestre Sporting Goods, we’re passionate about providing an expansive range of firearms to meet various needs – from hunting rifles and personal-use handguns to competitive shooting firearms. We’ve got it all.

But our commitment to your shooting needs doesn’t stop at supplying firearms. We understand the importance of maintaining your firearms, which is why we offer professional gun cleaning services. We provide everything from solvents and lubricants to cleaners and comprehensive cleaning kits. With our help, you can keep your firearm clean, safe, and functioning at its best.

gun cleaning service

Optics & Accessory Installation

Proper alignment is crucial for accurate shooting. Even the slightest flaw in accessory installation can impact your aim, particularly over long distances. Let us take the hassle out of mounting your optics, sights, and other firearm accessories. Our team guarantees precise installation so you can focus on what you love – hitting your target.

Skate Services

Sharp and well-tuned skates are vital for speed and performance on the ice. We offer professional skate sharpening services to ensure your skates are in peak condition. With our assistance, you can maximize your performance and stay on top of your game.

hockey shoes
bike service

Bike Tuning

Whether you’re a competitive racer, an adventurous mountain biker, or a casual city rider, we cater to all cycling needs. We provide an extensive range of bikes and bike accessories, including panniers, lights, and more, allowing you to customize your bike to suit your style and requirements.

In addition to our top-quality products, we also offer professional bike tuning services. From tire changes and brake checks to comprehensive cleaning and lubrication, our team will ensure that your bike is in optimum condition for smooth and safe rides. Got questions? Our knowledgeable staff are always ready to help.

Sylvestre Sporting Goods is proud to serve the Bonnyville community. Visit us today for all your sporting needs. We’re more than just a sporting goods store – we’re your partner in sporting excellence

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